Social Races

Hosted by UBMRC, social races are an affordable way to dip your toes into motorsport. The vast majority of social races take place at karting tracks in and around Birmingham, however there have been mini moto and off-roading events (all of which require no previous experience or equipment).

Social races are great for those who have always wanted to try karting. Drivers are given a safety briefing to get them up to speed with the controls, there is no need to purchase your own equipment and we offer you discounts on pricing compared to rental karting independent of the club.

Part of the reason why social races are so popular in UBMRC is because they cater to experienced drivers as well as beginners, with race formats guaranteeing you will be on track with drivers of a similar ability. We have had numerous professional racing drivers attend our social races and they all kept coming back for more!

Race formats often change race-by-race however the two mains formats are outlined below:

Team Endurance

  • 120 minute races in a team of 4 drivers.

  • Each team will have a captain. This is the most experienced driver in the team who is there to help/answer any questions from teammates who are new to karting.

  • Team captains are always on track (same stint order) at the same time ensuring their racing remains competitive.

Individual Sprints

  • Depending on the format, you will take part in a practice/qualifying session or a series of sprint races with random grids.

  • The results of the sessions/races ranks drivers for an A, B, C or D final ensuring drivers race against those of a similar ability.

  • Usually the top 2 drivers from each session/race advance to the A final, the next 2 drivers to the B final and so on...

  • Due to the random grids, some heats may contain several faster drivers which makes it a challenge to qualify for the A final.

For more information about Social Races, check out our FAQs.

For information about the circuits visited in Social Races check out our tracks page.