Whilton Mill social race hall of winners

The Whilton Mill social race, hosted every year at our closest National track in nearby South-West Northamptonshire, is a prestigious event within the UBMRC.

Any long-term member can assure you of how worthwhile this race is and exactly why it holds its place on the calendar.

But with all sprint races, there is only one winner each year that gets to claim the top spot on the podium. Who are they though? Well, the list of winners lies below!

2012/13 Season Winner

Christopher Grange, or ‘Big Chris’, the 2013/14 season Captain

The 2012/13 Whilton Mill social race team

2013/14 Season Winner

Harry Forsyth, or ‘Brucey Baby’, the 2014/15 Media Officer – check out his race here!

The 2013/14 Whilton Mill social race team