The 2012 BUKC season consisted of 9 rounds.

    • Northern Qualifiers – Warden Law
    • Rounds 1 & 2 – Teesside Autodrome – Wed 15th Feb 2012
    • Rounds 3 & 4 – Whilton Mill – Wed 1st Mar 2012
    • Rounds 5 & 6 – Llandow – Sun 18th Mar 2012
    • Rounds 7 & 8 – Rye House – Wed 28th Mar 2012
    • Round 9 (+ drivers champ) – Buckmore Park – Wed 4th Apr 2012

Birmingham A-team (kart number 24) finished the season in 24th position with 297 points.

Birmingham B-team (kart number 48) finished the season in 49th position with 134 points.

Graham Kirkby representing Birmingham A at Llandow

Driver Rosters

Birmingham A

    • Dan James
    • Jack Kilkenny
    • Jin Shang
    • Graham Kirkby
    • Dipesh Chudasama

Birmingham B

    • Jack Nicholls
    • Chris Grange
    • Andy Glencross
    • Mark Sawczyn
    • Tom Wantock
    • Nic Gandy
    • Tom Dodd

BUKC 2012 Team. Left to Right: Jack Kilkenny, Jin Shang, Dipesh Chudasama, Nic Gandy, Tom Wantock, Dan James, Jack Nicholls, (Photo taken by Graham Kirkby)

The report for this season was written by Chris Grange…

Overall, 2012 was a good year for the club, with the driving strength on the A team coming from Club President Dan James and Vice President Jack Kilkenny, ably supported by Graham Kirkby and Jin Shang. Particular highlights were Jack’s 2nd place in the Northern Qualifiers (which he claims should have been a 1st), Dan’s brilliant 2nd place in round 1 at Teesside, Jack’s 3rd place in round 9 at Buckmore, where he also went on to win a round of the Driver’s championship and Graham and Jin’s 11th place at round 6 in Llandow. Overall the highest place finish for the A team came at Llandow in the endurances of round 6 where they finished 8th overall

Despite many driver changes between rounds, the B team was a definite improvement on the previous year with Dipesh Chudasama, Nic Gandy and Tom Wantock putting in some good performances. Chris Grange had a slow start to his BUKC career but showed a definite improvement every time he got out on track, as did Andy Glencross. One of the B team highlights was Dipesh’s race in round 6 where he lead from pole and stayed in the lead for the first 2 laps.

On track there were many highs, but also many lows (the less said about Rye House the better) but despite not always getting brilliant results we always made sure we had a good time. This was the final year for President Dan James and there are few people in the history of the club who put in as much work or achieved as much on the track as he did. It was also the final year for Dipesh whose unique driving style and spatial awareness will be much missed and Jack Nicholls who always had fun while racing, when he wasn’t off commentating somewhere. Despite losing these members, we can’t wait to come back next year even stronger!