The BUKC 2010 Birmingham A-Team: Jack Kilkenny, Jin Shang, Dan James, Alastair Wayman

The 2010 season of the BUKC consisted of 9 rounds:

  • Rounds 1&2 – Whilton Mill – 09/02/10
  • Rounds 3&4 – Rye House -03/03/10
  • Rounds 5&6 – Teesside Autodrome – 10/03/10
  • Rounds 7&8 – Buckmore Park – 31/03/10
  • Round 9 – Llandow – 11/04/10

Birmingham A-team (kart number 16) finished the season in 22nd position with 292 points.

Birmingham B-team (kart number 41) finished the season in 52nd position with 79 points.

The BUKC 2010 Birmingham B-Team: Graham Kirkby, Steve Pearce (Graduate), Andrew Davidson

Season Report

The following report was written at the end of the 2010 season…

“Not the best of seasons in 2010, with the ‘A’ team finishing 22nd overall compared to 17th the previous year. There were some solid drives with no less then ten top 10 finishes, but a bit of bad luck and inconsistency lead to us finishing out of the top 20 overall.

Rye House saw the best result of the year with Dan & Alastair finishing in 4th place in one of the endurance races. The Teesside Autodrome was visited for the first time in the BUKC. The general consensus on the track was good among the drivers and it may very well be on the calendar again for 2011.

Hopefully with the experience gained by drivers new to BUKC in 2010 and the promising results acheived, we can aim for a top 20 finish overall for 2011!”