The 2008 season of the BUKC consisted of 9 rounds:

Rounds 1&2 – Rye House – 07/11/07

Rounds 3&4 – Whilton Mill – 03/02/08

Rounds 5&6 – Rye House – 05/03/08

Round 9 – 13/04/08

Birmingham A-team (kart number 12) finished the season in 7th position with 377 points.

Birmingham B-team (kart number 28) finished the season in 46th position with 131 points.

The following report was written at the end of the 2008 season…

“The BUKC 2008 turned out to be a barnstorming season for all those involved, with many claiming it to be the best yet. But it really was the best yet for Birmingham who’s A team cruised to 7th place overall, a fantastic result given the teams relative lack of experience compared with many of the teams below them in the standings.

With no spectacular results to speak of, indeed no podiums at any rounds, consistency was the way forward and with Birmingham’s worst round result being 12th, a solid top 10 was all but guaranteed.”