The 2006 BUKC season consisted of 4 rounds:

  • Round 1 – Whilton Mill – 07/02/06
  • Round 2 – Warden Law – 15/02/06
  • Round 3 – Buckmore Park – 08/03/06
  • Round 4 – Clay Pigeon – 22/03/06

Birmingham A-Team finished the season 14th.

The following report was written at end of the 2006 season…

“The 2006 Championship is now in the past. Some great drives, culminating in a 11 top 10’s, gave us a respectable 14th place overall with the crowning achievement being the swimming event at Buckmore which Tom and Mike won.

However, the lack of real consistency from all of the drivers and a large dosage of bad luck, from exhausts falling off to crashing having run over a stray piece of gaffer tape conspired to keep us from attaining a top 10, so the 2005 campaign will still go down as the best season yet, despite the race victory.

With that said, the 2006 championship proved that the team, on there day, can challenge for top 5’s regularly and hopefully, if a few Super 1 drivers turn up at the freshers fair, we can become one of the real front runners.”