Best A Team Performance: Rory Smith & Josh White

Best B Team Performance: Ethan Hurford

Best C Team Performance: Nathan Styles

Best D Team Performance: Ric Wong

Getting S*** On (being binned in both races): Fred Lee

The AA: Aaron Johnson

Weary Shoulders (for carrying the A Team): Rory Smith

Lawn Mower: Fred Lee

S*** Helmet Award (for the worst racing helmet): Hugo Halford-Harrison

All the Gear No Idea: Sarah Smith

Bandit: Ismaail Khoyrattee

Disappointment of the Year (showing great potential but absolutely bottling it): Jamie Thornton

Racing Driver Book of Excuses (for somehow always getting given a bad kart???): Ismaail Khoyrattee

Best Dressed (for having the best sports night costume): Aaron Johnson

Most Improved Driver: Harry Froude

"It's treason, then." (A team driver joining a different sports' committee): Jack Finch

The Kimbal Musk (for having a well known brother): Marcus Hesketh

Human DRS: Ethan Hurford

Slip and Slide (for a questionable amount of spins at PFI): Jamie Thornton

Golden Steering Wheel (lifetime achievement): Rory Smith and Josh White (for 5 years with UBMRC)