Best A Team Performance: Josh White

Best B Team Performance: Joe Daniels

Best C Team Performance: Max Wade

Best D Team Performance: Max Wade

Getting S*** On (being binned twice in one race): Michael Okeke

Complete and Utter Moron (an act of sheer stupidity x2): Max Wade

Weary Shoulders (for carrying the A Team): Rory Smith

All The Gear But No Idea: James Zhou

Mixed Veg (for hysterically underperforming): Nathan Philips

Great Wall of China (for best defensive driving): Max Wade

Most Influential Couple (UBMRC's very own 'little and large'): Ethan Hurford & Ben Boros

Disappointment of the Year (showing great potential but absolutely bottling it): Ben Boros

Racing Driver Book of Excuses (for somehow always getting given a bad kart???): Josh White

"Part-Timer" (for being on committee for two years and never driving a BUKC kart): Evie Oldfield

Worst Whip in the Club: Jake O'Sullivan

"Did you know I was a BRDC rising star?": Oli Basey-Fisher

Best Dressed (for having the best sports night costume): Sophie Laing

Most Improved Driver: Ben Boros & Max Wade

Best Team Player (for racing in the interest of the club): Ethan Hurford

Golden Steering Wheel (lifetime achievement): Jake O'Sullivan