Whilton Mill

Location: Daventry, NorthamptonshireLength: 960m (National layout), 1200m (International layout)

Track website: http://www.whiltonmill.co.uk/

Other useful links: http://www.club100.co.uk/whilton.htm, http://www.tagheuer-timing.co.uk/?p=80

Info: Located just East of Daventry, this is Birmingham’s nearest track to feature in the BUKC season. Both international and national layouts feature a high speed first sector. The two different layouts split for the second sector, before converging for the ‘boot’ complex which completes the lap.

Maps of both track layouts can be found here.

This video was taken by Graham Kirkby during one of our intra-club social races using the national circuit layout on 1st June 2013.