Teeside Autodrome

Location: Teesside, Middlesborough

Track website: www.teessidekarting.co.uk

Other useful links: http://www.club100.co.uk/circuit-listing/teeside/

Last UBMRC visit: 18/06/2022 – 19/06/2022 (BUKC 24 Hour 2022)

Info: Found deep in the depths of an industrial region in the North, Teesside is the most physically demanding track that we race at in UBMRC. The bump is infamous for a reason.. Offering everything from gradient changes to high speed chicanes and a long flat out right handers where you really feel the g-forces. Although a favoured track to race at, Teesside is often a difficult track to reach in a short journey, but has played host to many different races and events for the UBMRC over the years. Most impressively, Teesside was the track chosen to host the inaugural BUKC 24 hour race at the end of the 2014 season!

Media: This video was taken by recent graduate Andrew Mather during a daytime sprint in the inaugural BUKC 24 hour race!