Teamsport Birmingham

Location: Oldbury, West Midlands

Length: 1000m

Track Website:

Last UBMRC Visit: 10/10/2019

Info: After coming under new management, UBMRC first visited this revamped track as the first social race of 2015. Situated just 20minutes away from campus, the track begins with a tight hairpin followed by two sweeping hairpins which are vital to get right as you carry that momentum through the flat out chicane. Don't get distracted by the change in lighting and spot your braking point for the right hander that leads you up the ramp to the fast upstairs section. A flat out right throws you into two back to back hairpins which leave you faced with the best overtaking opportunity on the circuit. A downhill hairpin which has so many different ways of taking it, we still don't know which way is fastest! Stay flat out to the finish line and that's a lap of Teamsport Birmingham. A good lap around this circuit is around 46 seconds.