Sutton Circuit

Location: Sutton in the Elms, Leicester

Length: 600m

Track Website:

Info: Situated a few miles off the M69, Sutton Circuit is quickly becoming a driver's favourite owing to the nature of the track to promote close, tight racing as well as being able to drive the circuit in reverse. The karts also give you real time updates on lap times which is a first for any track we've been to.

The (clockwise) lap begins with a heavy braking zone into turn 1 followed by a few sweeping corners that encourage you to go over the limit. This leads into a hairpin (where we've seen many races destroyed here) which takes you to an undulating right hander and back straight, before you need to be brave and throw the kart into the final double apex right hander to cross the line. A standard lap would be around 42 seconds.