Rye House

Location: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Track website: http://www.rye-house.co.uk/

Other useful links: http://www.club100.co.uk/circuit-guide/guide-to-rye-house/

Info: Conveniently placed next to a rather large canal, Rye House is one of those tracks with very little run off. Thanks to the canal however, all run off areas are we and mucky, so certainly not a track to spin off at! Rye House has a great variety of challenges, ranging from the flat-out stadium bend after Hamilton straight, all the way down to the BUKC calendar’s slowest corner in the form of the infield hairpin. This is a real favourite of the BUKC racers!

Media: The following videos show 2013/14 club Captain Chris Grange driving at the 2015 Rye House test day, as well as 2015/16 Media Officer Harry Forsyth’s track showcase in Round 1 of the BUKC Championship.