Location: Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Length: 1050m

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Last UBMRC visit: 01/04/2022 – 03/04/222 (BUKC Mains, Intermediate and Drivers Championship)

Info: This technical track – home amongst other things to the infamous “Russ’s Sausage” curb on the exit of the Mac Whirters corner – was, until the 2014 season, the only Welsh venue visited by the BUKC. There are few places to rest on this track, as there are plenty of overtaking opportunities, the foremost of which is the hairpin turn at the end of lap. Without doubt a tricky track to learn, but that makes hooking up a good lap all the more enjoyable.


Check out this video, taken by former UBMRC President Dan James as he represents the Birmingham A-team at the 5th round of the 2012 BUKC. He puts in a brilliant performance, going up from 31st on the grid to finish 10th. Also look out for a young Chris Grange representing the Birmingham B-team, in what was only his second BUKC race.