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BUKC Qualifiers 2017 (2018 Season)

It was a new year, a new team and new hopes for the University of Birmingham Motor Racing Club as qualifiers for the 2018 British Universities Qualifying Championship dawned. Whilton Mill was the circuit hosting this year, a track that combines challenging technical sections with multiple excellent overtaking opportunities. Seeking to build on last year’s results, the team had kept much of the existing talent while adding the potential of this year’s freshers, the aim being to try and get as many teams as possible into the top 26 out of 54 teams, which would qualify for the Mains Championship with the rest taking part in the Intermediates Championship. 

UBMRC on the BUKC grid

The three teams were as follows:    
A Team:
Michael Gibbins,
Simon Morton,
Rhianna Purcocks,
Rory Smith.
B Team:
Jake O’Sullivan,
John Su,
Ashley Jarvis,
Andreas Gutzold.
C Team: 
Wilson Woon,
Dan Tolley,
Liam Emberton,
Sam Rowling.